Apple iWall

Under många år har det spekulerats om när Apple ger dig på TV segmentet. Steve Jobs berättar om sin syn på TV:n och hur förlegat den nuvarande TV:n kommer upplevas när deras nya TV släpps. Jag gillar att fundera på framtiden och kan inte vänta på att få se detta presenteras. Nu ska det nämnas att dessa rykten har varit lika heta i flera år så inget som skrivs här har mågon förankring i verkligheten utan bara mina egna funderingar på vad jag skulle önska satt på min vägg hemma.

"Reimagine the TV, It should be the center of your family's entertainment and communication."

"The living room has always been a place for the whole family so we decided to make this not just for adults but also for the kids"

"It is the place where your children always can find you and see when you will arrive home. or to start a facetime with their grand parents. Or the whole family at once."

"With the touch of their hands, your children can see your picture and call you. Choose their favorite cartoon series."

"Instead of searching for the remote, you now can talk with your TV. Siri will help you remember your favorite shows and record what you use to see. In fact, everything is recorded so you won't have to tell her in advance."

"Siri also keeps track on your sports stats, just ask for your favorite teams latest score and Siri will let you know all the details"

"For movies and tv-shows you have access to iTunes library with one click. Also apps such as Youtube, Netflix and Hulu are available."

"Your photo albums have never looked this good, with the worlds first retina display of this size it will show your photos so real you will re-experience the memories as if you were there"

"Thanks to all new live-airplay and our recently announced partnership with Bose we can offer true high-def 7.1 sound without cables or delays."

One more thing:

"Gaming. This device includes an app-store containing all the 100000 games from previous iOS devices. And a lot more is coming. To control the device you will use your iPhone or iPad. Multiplayer games have never been this fun."

Jag gissar alltså på en slimmad snygg touch-tv med inbyggd iOS, kamera, hårddisk och Siri och hårddisk. Eftersom den är mer än en tv och Apple TV redan finns så kommer den nog heta något i stil med Apple iWall eller Apple iHub.

Christian Landgren